Las Campanas Whole House Remodel

As costly leaks grew throughout their entire 2,88 square-foot radiant heating system, our clients confronted a grim reality that the failing entity would need to be replaced. Our team tackled the removal and disposal of 100-plus tons of concrete and existing wood and flagstone flooring, the replacement of custom cut flagstone and wood flooring to reflect the pre-existing design layout, replacement of the extensive in-home plumbing and electrical lines, and refinishing of the plastered walls and ceilings.

After the internal and structural issues were fixed, we moved on to the total remodel of the home, which included reconfiguration of the kitchen and bathrooms. Fulfilling our clients dreams and providing solutions to unusual building and design issues are the valued tenets of our company, and this project exceeded our clients expectations.

Project Services:


New Build



This spacious Southwest-style living room features a brick red sofa, a high white ceiling with wood beams, a central fireplace, and a geometric rug, all illuminated by light streaming through large wooden-framed windows. Flagstone flooring, candle holders, wooden doors, cabinets, and tastefully selected wall paintings add to the room's rustic charm.
The dining area pairs elegance with vintage charm, featuring dark wood dining furniture, a bamboo slatted ceiling, and a low beam chandelier. The room's rustic feel is accentuated by wooden open doors, cabinets, flagstone floors, and tastefully selected wall paintings.
The kitchen radiates elegance with its beige walls, wood beams, and cabinets, highlighted by an island with a granite countertop, red and brown high chairs, and stove burners. The white concave ceiling adorned with dark wooden beams enhances the room's elegant atmosphere.
The living room flows seamlessly into the dining area, hosting a yellow marble dining table with dark brown and amber chairs. The living area features a round wooden table and leather sofa, large windows, and decorative elements including wall paintings and adornments above the fireplace.
The bathroom combines natural charm and modern design with its flagstone flooring, glass shower space, and wooden ceiling and doors. A skylight adds an airy feel, while a chic wall decoration lends an elegant touch.
The shower room, with its minimalist design of beige and rusted gold tiles and clear glass doors, is further enhanced by a wooden ceiling, a skylight, and wooden doors.
The guest bathroom boasts a lively mix of green, yellow, and red tones. A wall-hung geometric red rug, a Southwest-style yellow print floor rug, a green cabinet, and wooden ceilings come together to create an eccentric touch.
The entrance, marked by rustic wooden doors and flagstone floor tiles, is dramatically enhanced by a skylight and wooden ceiling. A brown and white geometric rug, floral baskets, and a classic painting add to the welcoming atmosphere.
Photos By: Chris Corrie Photography

“Working with Fabuwallous went above our expectations