Quail Run Interior Renovation

After purchasing their new home, our clients desired to embrace the “Old Santa Fe” style and incorporate modern design features within the interior of their home. To help bring their dream alive, this 2500 sq ft interior renovation included the demolition, redesign, and preservation of the clients kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom, master bathroom, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, upstairs sitting room, and stairwell.

Our team preserved the existing Saltillo tiles and extended matched tiles throughout the floor plan, while also repairing and custom painting damaged tiles. To match the client's desired athletic, we added Butcher Block counter tops, artisanal cabinet door tin inserts, a mobile antique quartz top island, and new satin stainless appliances to elegantly fuse the modern elements with Old Southwest designs.

Our clients desired for specific pieces of art to be showcased through their home required the necessity for several gimbal light fixtures and recessed lighting to be strategically placed in the plank board ceiling to highlight the antique art and allow adjustments to the ambiance of the space.

Project Services:


New Build



Envision a vibrant kitchen inspired by Southwestern and old Santa Fe themes, with sky-blue cupboards, rustic wooden countertops, walls adorned with white and Saltillo tiles, and natural light streaming through large windows. Dominating the kitchen is a grand granite island, reflecting the hues around and adding to the room's unique character and warmth.
This kitchen is a symphony of rustic charm and modern elegance, with a sleek stainless steel sink, minimalist adhesive doors, blue cupboards, and a contrasting white ceiling with robust wooden beams. The warm glow from pendant lights complements the rich amber tiles and natural light from wood-framed windows, creating an inviting ambiance.
Centered around a wooden table, the dining area exudes elegance with six cream-colored chairs and a sophisticated brown and cream diamond-patterned carpet, all bathed in the gentle glow from a metal candlelight. The pristine white walls contrast beautifully with a cabinet and the wooden ceiling, with four lights softly illuminating the serene space.
The master bedroom boasts a king-size bed with silver metal frames and a vibrant blue, red, and white blanket, set against pristine white walls and rich terra cotta flooring. Adding to the room's charm are slatted wood beams, a vintage bedside lamp, and cabinet, along with chic paintings that adorn the walls, creating an artistic, sophisticated ambiance.
The living room harmoniously blends comfort and style with a brown leather sofa, a gray upholstered sofa, a high lamp, and an eccentric rug on tan floor tiles, all under slated wooden ceilings. A round glass table adds a touch of elegance, while a wide LCD TV nestled in a deep chocolate cabinet serves as the room's focal point for entertainment.
The master bathroom, adorned with ivory white walls, houses a lavatory and cabinets, and features two large mirrors reflecting the serene ambiance. Accents of a blue door and circular mat wall decorations, along with hand-painted and floor tiles, complete the room's refined aesthetic.
The bathroom comes alive with the warm, Moroccan-inspired hues of ecru, beige, and yellow adorning the tiles. This captivating blend of colors creates a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere, transporting you to an enchanting Moroccan landscape.
The living room marries classic and contemporary, featuring a large grey sofa, a cooling fan hanging from a wooden ceiling, a Moroccan pouf, and a modern Southwestern rug on Saltillo tiles. Two antique wooden chairs, a wood table, steel casement windows, pristine white walls, and a navy blue door complete the room's unique aesthetic.
The comfort room combines elegance and simplicity, featuring a navy blue cabinet, clear glass shower door, and plush Weezie towels hung near the toilet bowl, all contrasted against pristine white walls. The white ceiling with a light-fitted fan and two LED lamps illuminate the space, while the warm Saltillo tiles ground the room's aesthetic.
The stairway, adorned with a warm wood handrail and lit by a lantern pendant light, is set against a backdrop of peachy pink walls. A clear glass window invites natural light, further enhancing the colors of the two framed paintings that add a touch of artistry to the ascent.
The comfort room exudes elegance, featuring a vibrant green Sabine Hill wall and a sleek stainless shower, contrasted by a rustic carved wooden mirror above a modern marble vanity sink. An art frame hanging on the wall adds a creative touch, completing the room's unique blend of classic and modern styles.
Photos By: Chris Corrie Photography

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