Client Testimonials

We have renovated 11 homes in our lifetimes – in Los Angeles, in Santa Fe, in Ojai and Palm Springs and two in Buenos Aires. Until working with Bill and everyone at Fabuwallous, never have either of us ever uttered the sentence “I love my contractor”.

This project started with a very distressed home with a myriad of problems but had a magical view across Santa Fe to Los Alamos. The house was 40 plus years old and everything needed updating. The original design was deeply flawed, the layout was impossible to navigate, most people called the interior “the house of a million angles.” The original layout hid the view and nothing in the interior made sense. But the idea of seeing that view from every room in the house was intoxicating – so much so that we bought the house.

A builder friend recommended Bill Deuschle and Fabuwallous. From our first meeting to completion, Bill and his team saw “challenges” instead of “problems”. It wasn’t easy fixing a house that had long fallen into neglect – and all the practical systems needed replacing. Bill along with Alan Manzanares, Mollie Galvin and a crack team of subs stayed on the project till it was done and done right.

During Covid, supply chain issues were rampant. Santa Fe city permitting and inspection divisions were deeply strained. Costs of materials were skyrocketing. Yet, Fabuwallous seemed to handle these issues in stride or, better yet, solved them before we, the clients, had to get involved.

Along the way, we noticed something else. Most of Bill’s clients become his friends… flowers and little gifts arrive on birthdays and celebrations. Meetings take on the tenor of hangouts, laughter and coffee makes the “challenge solving” seem less daunting. When big issues arose, as they do, Fabuwallous was committed to solving them and did just that.

We now have a beautiful home, one that far exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled. And we have new friends and we know we count on Bill and the Fabuwallous team if anything comes up in the future.

Steve Levitt & Eric Cowger
Santa Fe, NM

Dear Fabuwallous: Thank you for your wonderful team and their meticulous work; for your technical expertise; for your creative design input; for always being available; and for your unflagging cheerfulness, enthusiasm and support. You transformed what could have been a nightmare project into a wonderful adventure!
Trixie Merkin
Santa Fe, NM

Our experience with working with Fabuwallous went above our expectations. They turned our ideas into a much more enjoyable space than we had even envisioned. We actually ended up having two great patios, up stairs and down. The quality of their workmanship was excellent. But above everything else, they were a pleasure to work with. Their management and crews were extremely friendly, and made the whole experience a pleasure. We would, and have, recommend them for your projects.

Steve & Debbie Gray
Santa Fe, NM

Chuck Caswell of Fabuwallous took at concrete box of a room, formerly a vault, and converted it into a spectacular bar and sitting room. It isn’t a very large room but we worked together within the space available. The room is beautiful, better than we dared to hope. There were several problems with the room that other contactors might have given up on: the uneven concrete ceiling, the need to drill through one wall to get water to the room so we could instill a sink, removing the 900 pound vault door (they found someone to buy it), and the first step, which was to drill through one of the walls to create the arched door from our living room. They also went the extra mile on the finish work. We found a stone in Albuquerque called Amazonite that we wanted for the bar counter top. But they only had one slab and couldn’t get another for months. Chuck Caswell worked with the contractor who cut the stone to figure out a way to make it work for our room. They found an excellent cabinet maker in Espanola who, in addition to cabinets, made wine rack that we designed. They also made a curved wooden arch to frame a mirror over the bar. It is perfect. They installed floating shelves. We couldn’t be happier with the room.

Laura and Jesse Atkins
Santa Fe, NM

Our Goal was to take a ‘tired and neglected’ property possessing ‘potential’ and having it restored into a center of warmth, charm, comfort, and a ‘feel’ speaking ‘rustic elegance’. Fabuwallous showed us just how it could be done – then did it! Our collaborative relationship with them and continual sharing of ideas throughout this project proved the Fabuwallous team to be more than just Contractors – but Confidantes and Partners as well… Goal Met!

Robert & Beth Tichacek
Santa Fe, NM

After several years of investigation and research and consultations with experts, we determined, with the help of Billy Deuschle and Business partner Chuck Caswell of Fabuwallous Solutions, that our old adobe home in the Historic East Side that we thought had been renovated to be essentially a “new house” was structurally “falling apart”—specifically the south and east walls were crumbling and unstable. This was eventually determined in the fall of 2010.

Upon further investigation we determined that not only were the walls unstable, there were many other problems with the original renovation that required extensive repair throughout the structure—something that we never anticipated when we purchased the house in November of 2006.

We, of course, looked to Fabuwallous Solutions to take on the very difficult and time consuming and technical project to remodel and restore and stabilize our entire house, including the removal and replacement of the entire south, east and part of the west and north adobe walls of the house as well as the entire floor and floor support system and many other restoration projects within the house. We had trust and faith in Billy, Chuck and Fabuwallous Solutions to do what needed to be done and it turned out to be what I can only describe as an “unbelievable” project as I viewed the progress from time to time starting with the work to determine the nature and extent of the “problems” in the fall of 2010 on into the 2011 when the work really commenced and we had to watch as the walls were torn out while we wondered if it could ever be put back together again to look and feel as it had before.

And—miracle of miracles—it was put back together again—only now the entire house was renovated and stabilized from within—and it was more beautiful inside and outside than before the horrible (from out view point) project started!

When it was completed we were amazed and awed by what had been done by Billy and his entire team at Fabuwallous—from seeing our house essentially “totally destroyed” during the process of the project to walking into our “like new” house in December of 2011!

Since we were doing the “total renovation/stabilization” project, we decided that we would add a garage/casita guest suite to our property. The old adobe house was very small and we could not enlarge it substantially during the renovation/stabilization project so we decided that it would be a wise investment to add a separate garage/casita guest suite to the property. This project was also done by Fabuwallous Solutiions and was completed in the spring/summer of 2012. It turned out better than we could have ever anticipated—the garage/casita complements the original house and provides for a “compound” type of look to the property—and the property looks more beautiful than ever.

We couldn’t be prouder of our property at 623 A&B Garcia—with the house now completely renovated and stabilized, and the landscaping looking like it has been there forever, and it all brought together by the garage/casita—it is fabulous!

We highly recommend Bill and Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions—an outstanding job that was as difficult and challenging as anything I could ever imagine—essentially “gutting” our entire house and putting it back together again—and then adding a garage/casita that compliments the entire property—all with a dedication and expertise that is like Billy and his crew were working on their own home/property! Our experience with Billy & Chuck and all of their employees of Fabuwallous Solutions from the investigation and discovery of the problems through the design phase through the actual work was the best it could be—they are simply the best in every way!

Lynn & Jackie Johnson
Santa Fe, NM


To the Fabuwallous Team, Bill Deuschle and Chuck Caswell, WOW & Thank You so Much! What really sets you apart from other contractors is your restoration experience and ability to blend old with new to preserve the charm of an old Santa Fe adobe home. Starting with an amalgamated structure that was partially hand built of adobe brick in the 1930’s and most recently renovated in the 1980’s, you partnered with us to design and transform it into a beautiful living space with modern efficiency yet old style architecture and ambiance. From the integration of antique pieces into bathroom design to the vibrant ‘Akro’ stucco wall treatments to the preservation and blending of old tile work with new, your skills really set you apart.

You skillfully integrated new water efficient fixtures in the 4 bathrooms in the house. You helped us to completely redesign the dated kitchen and give it modern functionality complete with a plumbed in coffee bar, yet you preserved the feel and style of the old Saltillo tiled floors and Talavera tiled walls. With your attention to detail on the new custom quarter sawn oak cabinets, you finished them for modern durability with the feel of an old rubbed-oil finish.

With your design expertise, we were able to replace the heating and water system for the whole house with a space and energy efficient boiler relocated to the garage that gave us a whole new ‘usable’ living space. Your investigation of a roof issue from a leaking canale helped us determine the need for and replacement of the existing roof with a modern and more durable design. Old damaged wood flooring in the living room and dining room were replaced with beautiful new chestnut while undamaged oak floors in bedrooms were sanded and refinished. Vegas in the ceilings were finished into a beautiful barreled style. A leaky water fixture in the dining room was transformed into a beautiful tiled alcove with existing carved wooden columns reset. This required replacement of the wooden bases by new ones with new carving and finish matched to the original.

You carefully tented all construction areas to minimize dust and impact to other areas of the home. All staff were courteous, skilled and worked safely to execute the transformation. You carefully worked with us to develop a budget and estimated costs accurately for the project with appropriate allowances. You suggested great options for all fixtures and materials. We highly recommend you and are very happy with the results.

Bruce & Malia Reitz
Santa Fe, NM

There are certain opportunities in life that one tends to avoid. Among those opportunities is redoing a kitchen. When we finally decided to take the proverbial dive, we ran into Bill and Chuck at the Santa Fe Home show in 2011. We had listened to the shuck and jive of many and Chuck and BIll were no different, we thought. Then we came to the realization that they might be for real?? Well it turned out that we came to realize that Chuck was the real deal. He sat down with us, more so Susie, and between the two of them they came up with a beautiful concept. Chuck went out and fed it to the computer and after a few iterations, there it was. The real test was yet to come.

When it was time to get going, Chuck said the project would take six weeks which immediately translated to eight or ten in our mind. We are pleased to report two specific things. Bill did the arithmetic on the project. Chuck managed the project. In both cases, the price of the project stayed as originally projected less a couple of change orders we initiated. The project, start to finish, took six weeks to the day. The charges were exactly as estimated. The crew is polite, trustworthy, technically astute, and clean. Every day before they left the project, the work area was cleaned up and they were mindful of what they were doing. The project was in the kitchen and dining area not the whole house and the crew understood that!!

Long story short, Fabuwallous, Bill and Chuck understand that they are not in the building business. They understand and perform like they are in the customer service business. Furthermore, these guys are the only builder/contractors we have ever worked with that consistently, which means come hell or high water, stays with their word even when it hurts their business case. They do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it. In our eyes, the ultimate compliment. Thank you Chuck and Bill, we love our kitchen!!

Elmer & Susie Salazar
Santa Fe, NM

We were fortunate to discover Fabuwallous Solutions at a homebuilders show in Santa Fe. Initially, we were struck by the unique Italian proprietary product technology [akrostucco] and rich color palettes they offered. No one else we could find had such an offering. But that was just the beginning as we considered how we were going to transform our ten year old home into something more striking and updated…without getting into a major reconstruction job.

Bill Deuschle and Chuck entered into the picture at the outset and literally helped us create an exciting vision to transform our space, where before we just had a vague idea of what was possible. We did know, at minimum, that we wanted the kind of colorful high-polish plastered walls and ceiling effects you see on Parade of Homes tours…the kind that take your breath away. They delivered this in spades, but also had other great inventive ideas for us. They were a pleasure to work with and really put us in the middle of a creative process to transform our space. They were such patient listeners and had this customer-gratifying ability to connect the dots between our vague ideas and something that turned into something we (and our house guests) think is remarkable. We’ve had experiences where the contractor was just that…a contractor. These guys do a project as if they are going to live in the place. They are very finicky in terms of aesthetics, they pay incredible attention to detail and they deliver way above what they commit to in terms of quality and without those disappointing extra “cost surprises” that seem to characterize many home improvement projects these days.

During the process, we were also presented some opportunities to improve on the original designs and Fabuwallous reacted creatively and with great flexibility, something we really appreciated because the end result was a better remodeling project than we could ever imagine. The craftsmanship and execution of the plans was superb, the interpersonal experience with them was terrific, the necessary disruptions to living through a remodel were well managed. We’d joke with friends that when they were finished and no longer daily visitors to our home, it was kind of sad to see them go! We’d trust them in a heartbeat to take on another similarly difficult project. We love the “new” home they’ve given us.

Steve & Marta Davis
Santa Fe, NM

Eight years ago we purchased a casita in Pueblo Encantado (an early 1980s condominium development in the hills above Tesuque), as a second home. Its southwestern style, setting, and rustic charm all appealed greatly to us. We refurnished it to our satisfaction and loved it; but we were not happy with its small and somewhat dingy master bedroom bathroom, and so had it greatly expanded and very nicely remodeled. Having made that improvement, we found ourselves increasingly dissatisfied with the kitchen and guest bathroom. Upon seeing another unit whose owners had had their kitchen redone, we were inspired to do likewise, and to have the second bathroom redone as well. That work had been done by Fabuwallous; and we were so impressed with it that we met with their main people (Bill Deuschle and Chuck Caswell) to discuss what we had in mind. It took only one meeting with them to convince us to go with them. We accepted their proposal, and a timetable was agreed upon.

The timetable was very tight for the amount of work that was to be done: a mere five-week period between our departure in late March of 2010 and our return in early May. The kitchen and bathroom were completely gutted and redone, with new tiling, lighting, appliances and fixtures, counters and cabinetry. A wall between the bathroom and bedroom was removed, to expand the bathroom into what had been the bedroom closet area, and an opening with sound-muffling shutters was created between the two rooms. A new bedroom closet was constructed; new windows and skylights and a pocket door were installed – and more. To our amazement, everything was essentially done upon our return, and we were able to resume use of all of the spaces immediately. Some minor things remained to be done and fixed; but they were promptly attended to, to our complete satisfaction. Working with the Fabuwallous people was, well, fabulous, as was the quality (as well as the swiftness) of their work – with no corners cut. Their artistic and aesthetic sense accorded well with ours. We had design ideas that were important to us; and they did a wonderful job of both realizing them and supplementing them with nice touches of their own. The craftsmen they engaged were excellent. They not only cheerfully put up with the blizzard of communications they received from us, but were closely attentive to them. The whole project was a genuine partnership. They made right everything that needed to be made right, and gave us no unpleasant money surprises. The results are stunning aesthetically, as well as superb functionally. Our place is now the envy of all who see it. We certainly made the right choice in going with Fabuwallous. If we do any further remodeling here, we wouldn’t think of having anyone else do it.

Richard Schacht & Judith Rowan
Tesuque, NM

"Working with fabuwallous
went above our expectations"