Historic Eastside Remodel

This 3,700 square foot, Historic Eastside property required the design, preservation, demolition and rebuild of our clients home. Our clients purchased this property as a project home with the intent to transform it into wonderful, welcoming space for their family. With a modern, simple aesthetic in mind, our team transformed the master bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, entry way, and upstairs library into the home of their dreams.

This home won the Excellence in Remodeling Award from the Home Builders Showcase.

From the client

The Fabu-WALL-ous team transformed what could have been a nightmare project into a wonderful adventure! Their wonderful team did meticulous work, had technical expertise, gave creative design input, and was always available! Read Full Testimonial >

Project Services:


New Build



This two-storey house radiates a minimalist charm with its white walls, ceilings and contrasting laminated wood flooring. The stainless steel handrail staircase draws the eye, leading to a second floor complete with a built-in bookshelf, merging style and functionality.
The second floor is enhanced by wall-hung solid brass seagull decorations and a vibrant, multicolored modern chandelier. A floral rug lies adjacent to the bookshelf, adding a touch of warmth and charm to the room.
The end of the wooden hallway reveals the house's standout feature: a modern platform lift, made of glass and metal, positioned beside the staircase. An oversized pendant light hanging from the ceiling enhances this unique attraction.
The kitchen exudes a contemporary feel, with its bamboo-slated bar counter, oversized stainless countertop, and built-in freezer. Adding to the functionality and modern design are a hanging condiments organizer and automated roller blinds for the kitchen windows.
The dining area contrasts with the kitchen's vastness, marked by a chic pink upholstered round dining table and chairs on a geometric gray rug, located near the grand double doors. Modern lighting fixtures in pink, silver, and gold hues, and a minimalist painting, lend an artistic touch to the space.
Stepping through the grand double doors, you're greeted by a white-walled foyer. The walkway is adorned with a chic leopard print sofa, a gold-rimmed mirror above a blush pink marble table bearing a red fedora hat, exuding a luxurious and distinct character.
The master bedroom blends comfort with opulence, featuring a pink king-sized duvet, automated rolling windows, and wooden floors with a vertical gray rug. White cabinets with gold handles and modern paintings on the wall add a touch of sophistication to the space.
The living room is a spacious sanctuary featuring a gray leather sofa, a center table on a floral cut rug, and a vintage chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. Automated rolling windows and contemporary paintings on the white walls add a fresh, artistic touch to the area.
The living room is a spacious, light-filled space featuring gray leather sofas, a floral cut rug, and a vintage chandelier, all highlighted by the natural light from the room's huge windows. Accents such as a gold-rimmed mirror across the foyer, a golden metal swan decoration, and modern paintings hanging on the white walls add to the room's refined aesthetic.
The living room, with its white walls and gray leather sofas, exudes comfort, enhanced by a floral cut rug and a vintage chandelier. Across the foyer, a gold rimmed mirror, a modern black fireplace, and modern paintings on the walls add layers of sophistication to the space.
The guest room exudes warmth with its white walls and wooden floors, featuring a chic bed with a vibrant golden yellow duvet. A large mirror doubling as a bathroom door, a spacious dresser, a purple and indigo rug, and automated rolling windows for natural light, all contribute to the room's inviting ambiance.
The guest bathroom stands out with its unique black wallpaper featuring a Queen Elizabeth print. The room is further enhanced by a sleek black faucet, three cabinets with white geometric handles, and a chic chandelier that adds a touch of elegance.
Photos By: Chris Corrie Photography

“Working with Fabuwallous went above our expectations