Sierra Del Norte Exterior

The main goal of this exterior remodel was to provide a larger outside living space for entertaining and family gatherings. The client's dream was to raise the existing deck, which had been blocked by a new addition at a neighboring residence, to recapture the view of the Santa Fe and Jemez mountains.

Along with adding more space, we wanted to design this area to be more than a deck and instead a more functional exterior living space for the family and their needs. To do this, we created a covered patio space below the extended deck that would include a small storage area, a wash area for the couple's two large Black Labs, a space for a TV, infrared heaters, ambient lighting, and updated landscaping with natural stone and a water feature.

Our clients have young grand children, so determining how to maintain access from the upper to lower deck included considering the safety and functionality of the new staircase. Additionally, this client also wanted to maintain access from the exterior front of the house to the exterior back, as well as access to a detached guest house. Creativity, attention to detail, and quality in conjunction with careful management while working together with wonderful clients resulted in a successful and excellent project.

In collaboration with architect John Padilla.

From the client

Our experience working with the Fabu-wallous team went beyond our expectations. They turned our ideas into a much more enjoyable space than we had ever envisioned. The quality of their workmanship was excellent, but above everything else, they were a pleasure to work with. We would, and have, recommend them for your projects. Read Full Testimonial >

Project Services:


New Build


The second-floor terrace, crafted from adobe, boasts a wooden bridge with matching rails, leading to an area furnished with chic outdoor table and chairs under an umbrella. This serene spot provides a breathtaking view of the nearby mountains and lush greenery.
The adobe terrace offers a mesmerizing mountain view, featuring adobe floors and a comfortable outdoor patio setup. A unique black bistro table further enhances the outdoor dining experience.
The two-storey adobe house, visible from above, features a furnished terrace and is enveloped by lush greenery. The outdoor patio furniture and umbrella create a serene space for relaxation amidst nature.
The outdoor patio, with its rustic adobe floor and balusters, is furnished with round tables and chairs under an umbrella. This inviting space offers breathtaking views of the surrounding green trees and distant mountains.
The adobe terrace provides an inviting space with its own unique charm. Its standout feature is a curved adobe staircase, elegantly leading to the lower deck.
The indoor patio, with its amber floor tiles and wooden ceilings, exudes warmth. The space is furnished with chic pink patio chairs, a rectangular center table on a blue and gray rug, and a comfortable cream leather sofa.
The curbed adobe staircase elegantly transitions to a walkway adorned with blush pink floor tiles. This path, imbued with charm, gracefully leads to the welcoming environment of the living room.
The patio merges rustic appeal and modern comfort with its wooden furniture and balusters, open windows, metal center tables, and a comfortable leather sofa. The blush pink tile floors add a pop of color to the inviting space.
Photos By: John Baker Photography

“Working with Fabuwallous went above our expectations